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10 марта 2017
My Brookes Brothers

Two years ago I wrote an article for «MAXIM» magazine about DNA testing: http://lleo.me/dnevnik/2015/01/21_gen.html In some parts I wrote about my grandfather Stanislav Wilder and his brother Josef Wilder. They were born in Poland, but when the Great War started, Josef (psychiatrist) has stayed in USA, and my grandfather (oil engeneer) in USSR. They could't communicate and this part of my family was lost forever. But when I passed DNA-test 23andme.com, I have found my sister — 2nd cousin Amanda (Josef was her grandfather)!

Now I want to tell you about my other relatives, that I found with 23andme. Let me introduce Brookes Brothers. Phil and Dan Brookes are famous drum-and-bass music producers from London:

Of course, they are not my close relatives: we have only 0.36% DNA in common with their mother Deborah (for example: with my 2nd cousin Amanda we have 3.79% DNA). And I can't imagine our family tree. But I belive in DNA: they are my brothers! And it's wery pleasure for me to listen so quality music!

Brookes Brothers — Anthem ft. Camille
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